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UAS regulations

On 9 June 2017, ANAC Cote d'Ivoire published a decision (#3436) regarding unmanned aircraft, as RACI 3009. The publication is only in French and needs to be translated: Here is the link: http://www.anac.ci/anac/web/docs/RACI%203009.pdf  

These appear only to apply to operations whose maximum take-off weight does not exceed 25 kilograms, and which only fly within the line of sight of the remote pilot for the following activities:
1) aerial photography / film shooting;
2) agriculture for crop surveillance and inspection;
3) search and rescue or delivery of emergency supplies;
4) research and development;
5) educational or academic uses; and
6) leisure.

There is reference larger operations that appears to staate that:

1.2.3 Unmanned aircraft with a maximum take-off mass greater than 25
kg must comply with airworthiness certification, maintaining the
airworthiness, operations, instruments, pilot licenses and
air traffic management applicable to manned aircraft

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