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UAS Regulations

The Indonesian regulation that governs the UAV Law was initially issued on 12th May 2015  through the Minister of Transportation decree No 90 / 2015:

And part 90 in Indonesian:

[Updated by David Guerin; March 2021, the information below may be out of date. Please check the CASR 107]

Under this decree is it prohibited to operate UAVs in restricted areas and in no-fly zones within a certain radius

from airstrips and airports.


UAV flying altitude must be limited to a maximum of 150m.


A flight plan must be submitted if the UAV operator plans to fly over certain governmental areas.


The above law was superseed by Decree No 180 / 2015 dated 18th Nov 2015, which refined the clauses as follows:


UAV flights are probihibited in controlled airspace, prohibited areas and restricted areas;

UAV flights are allowed to be operated within uncontrolled airspace but only up to 150m.


Small UAVs <55lbs can be used for hobby/recreational purposes and must comply with CASR Part 107.

UAVs >55lbs should obtain experimental certificates / special flight permits as stated in 21.193 CASR Part 21


Drone pliots that intend to fly for photography / videography should have a letter from their institution stating the reasons and use of the imagery. 

Agriculture drones may be operated within 500m away from the nearest residential area.


Last update / 01.03.2021

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Legal sources

Director General of Civil Aviation (Indonisia) 


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Indonesian Association of Drone Pilots

0817111567 or 08128373487

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