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UAV Laws

Operators must obtain authorization from the Department of Civil Aviation before operating a UAV.

  •  DO NOT fly your drones near any airport, military base, telecommunication base stations, and residential or commercial areas
  • DO NOT fly drones higher than 122m (400ft)
  • DO NOT fly drones over a crowd of more than 1,000 people – UNLESS those people are actually involved in handling the drones (so that means NO flying in public parks with random people around)
  • DO NOT fly drones near other people’s vessel, vehicle or building
  • YOU MUST obtain a permit for every flight you intend to operate
  • YOU MUST fly during daylight hours
  • YOU MUST only fly in good weather conditions

Drones weighing MORE THAN 20kg must apply for the Certificate of Airworthiness

Section 143 of the Civil Aviation Act 1969 stipulates the use of an unmanned aircraft or drone in areas where people are gathered requires approval from authorities.


Last update / 02.03.2017

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Contact info

Any enquiry on the procedures or regulatory requirement can be forwarded to DCA, Flight Operation Sector, Level 2, Block Podium B, Lot 4G4, Precinct 4, Federal Government Administration Centre, 62570 PUTRAJAYA, Malaysia. The contact number is +603-88714000 and the email address is at

Last update / 02.03.2017

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